How Meditation Can Improve Your Workouts

buddha1For many years now, the gym is where you need to be in order to still be in the club of cool people. If you’re not lifting those weights from time to time, then you’re just not with it anymore. And while I admit that I really like the lifting lifestyle, I am also of the opinion that we should not be so incredibly focused on the body and not on the mind. You don’t seriously think that by cleansing your body you are also going to cleanse your mind, do you? It doesn’t quite work that way. Both are going to have to get someĀ amount of attention in order to attain optimum health.

The mind and the body are closely related and work together pretty closely. They are, however, separate entities that each deserve their own maintenance. The body can be maintained by simply eating healthy and working out frequently. The mind can be maintained by frequently giving it a rest. And by rest I am not merely referring to sleep. Sometimes, you need to sit down, relax, and let go of all your thoughts… if even for just a few minutes. This then, is meditation. And it is better for you than you dared to dream.

As of late, we’ve seen more and more articles on the great benefits of meditation. I’ve been doing it for years myself. I was simply waiting until the rest of the world and the mainstream media would finally pick up on it. But in recent times, they finally have. Scientific research has shown that meditation does indeed have great benefits for both the body as well as the mind. With meditation, you basically learn how to unhook thoughts. This can bring a sense of serenity that feeds you all throughout your day.

buddha3Your brain is being invaded by all sorts of thoughts all day long. But why would you put up with this? It’s your brain, after all! Admit it to yourself… which things have you thought of in just the past hour? I’m betting you’ve thought of paying the bills, chores to be done, what to have for dinner this evening, and maybe you even had a recollection of an unpleasant social experience that happened twenty years ago. These sorts of thoughts cause your body to produce the stress hormone cortisol. You are inflaming your very own organs by getting all worked up and being all tense all the time.

This has a negative impact on your performance at the gym. And for this reason, I recommend that people meditate. Meditation can help you to learn how to unhook thoughts. Imagine a random thought popping up… and then just letting go of it. Imagine all the stress you are saving yourself. Do you honestly believe that being stressed out all the time is required for you in order to get results from the work you do? Do you believe that you need to pay with higher amounts of suffering than strictly necessary?

Worries lead to nothing but a decrease in results. I highly recommend everybody to chill out, sit back and take a few minutes for themselves every once in a while. Meditate and before you know it you’ll be pumping oxytocin (the love hormone) through your body, rather than cortisol (the stress hormone). You will be stronger and you will be able to lift more.

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